Discovering the strong mental component to disease, chronic illness and symptoms, I realised the need to integrate strong Therapeutic and Coaching elements as part of my Functional Health approach.


I am a Functional Therapist and Mindset Coach working in private practice in Bloemfontein. I also offer online consultations to my clients who live too far to travel to see me.


I specialise in creating a safe space where I support clients and patients to explore, understand and transform themselves.  I help parents, adults, children and adolescents with a variety of difficulties like:

  • Longstanding Childhood Difficulties 
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Career Choices or Changes
  • Anxiety and Trauma Difficulties
  • Chronic Illness Challenges
  • Loss or Death of a loved one
  • Finding Meaning in Life
  • Discipline and Parenting Difficulties

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​How Can I Help You?

Practical Courses

Various Masterclasses and short courses regarding Self development, Self-care, Parenting difficulties, Stress & Anxiety Management, etc are presented regularly.   Please subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of Masterclasses, short courses and events.

Please subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of workshops and events.

Mindset Coaching & Guidance

As Mindset Coach I work from my practice in Bloemfontein but I also offer online consultations from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

  • Do you feel lost and anxious about choices you need to make in your life?
  • Are you having a hard time coping with low self esteem, self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging habits?
  • Are you curious about what you can achieve with coaching and guidance?

You are just as worthy of success and happiness as anybody else.


I use an integrated approach to physical and emotional well-being which you will find helpful in your quest to success and happiness. 

Emotional Freedom Therapy

We are all familiar with the fact that negative emotions and pain can affect the body and mind negatively.
EFT is a popular choice for those suffering from:

  • Emotional Trauma
  • Shock and Loss
  • Childhood Trauma 
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Physical Pain
  • Compulsions and Addictions
  • An Empty Feeling Inside
  • Carrying Emotional Baggage and much more.

Tapping is an effective way of clearing out negative emotions. When unwanted feelings are gone, the limiting beliefs held are released and new thought patterns can be established.


EFT is not intended to replace the care of a Psychiatrist/Psychologist or Psychiatric medicine.

Volunteer Experience and Probona Work

Partners for Possibilities Program


Mabeoana Intermediate School, Phahameng

About Ansa

Ansa Lange is a professional Life Coach and Functional Therapist who works at Smart Care Medical in Bloemfontein. She has achieved success with many clients and patients. No names though, because Ansa strictly adheres to her confidentiality agreement with each client or patient. 

After spending more than 20 years in the Natural Medicine and Functional Therapy Industry, Ansa understands what drives our thought patterns, emotions and physical symptoms. 


Ansa has a sound understanding of how to take you, step by step, from where you are to where you want to be or CAN be.  Integrating physical health with mental health on a body, mind and spirit level is what she is passionate about. 


Ansa draws on her professional qualifications as well as vast experience over the past 20 years to offer you the best support you need.  A family crisis some 22 years ago prompted her to explore alternative and complimentary medicine and she holds a diploma in Natural Medicine.  


Discovering the strong mental component to disease, chronic illness and symptoms, Ansa realised the need to integrate a strong therapeutic element as part of her Functional Health approach. With qualifications in Functional Medicine and a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, addictions, trauma therapy and Emotional Freedom TherapyAnsa is able to skilfully help you with exactly what you need.  

Realising how many people need guidance (life coaching) instead of conventional therapy, Ansa did her post grad qualification in Life Coaching to extend a full service to every client and patient. 


I'm not gonna lie, out of everyone that I've been to in my life, your advice helped a lot. It actually made the most sense to me and I guess I could relate more to it.



Ansa...vir my was dit “life changing”… regtig nie net “life changing” in woorde nie, maar in werklikheid! Ek glo nie ek sou ooit by die bewuswordings en besluite kon uitkom en dit kon deurvoer as dit nie vir die sessies by jou was nie...


Ek voel jy is altyd daar vir my om my hart oop te maak en ek weet jy oordeel my nie. Ek voel tonne beter na ek weer by jou was. Jy is ook anders as n sielkundige…

Tannie Ansa is die rede dat ek lewe. Sy het my laat verstaan dat daar altyd slegte goed in ’n mens se lewe gebeur, maar dit gaan ales oor hoe jy die situasie hanteer. Deur goeie en slegte dae het sy by my gestaan, my geleer dat mens nie moet moed opgee nie. Jy moet vas kyk in die positiewe goed van die lewe en nie die heeltyd terug gaan na die negatiewe nie.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me directly, you are welcome to do so via e-mail or contact me on my cellphone number. 

+27 (082) 925 5511

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